Monday, November 10, 2008


No couponing today, (yeah right!! I'm already addicted and it's your fault!!). Today, I will spend some time to work on our master meal plans. For the most part, the "main dishes" are finished. Now, I need to sit down and think of all of the veggie/side dishes we enjoy. I started on that a while back, but because of you guys and your coupon tips/tricks, I got sidetracked. LOL. This is our Master Main Dishes. We will always be adding to it, as we are always trying out new things, but these are currently the main dishes that we enjoy. Hope you can see it. I love sharing recipes, so if there's anything on there that you'd like to try, I'll be more than happy to send you the recipe. Do you have a master meal plan? Would you care to share it?

OK...Now I need to get off of the computer and onto the MEAL PLANS!!!

Thanks for stopping by...and it only takes a second to say HI!!! (hey...I'm a poet and didn't know it).

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