Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Wanna’ See My Porch Witch?



Remember in a previous post I mentioned that I would love to try to make one of those witches using a styrofoam wig head and paper mache?  Well, she’s just about finished!  I just need to fluff up her legs a little and attach her pants legs to the boots somehow. 









Materials used:

  • styrofoam wig head (Sally Beauty Supply)
  • pvc pipe frame for upper body and arms
  • old thrift store red sundress
  • black headpiece is from an old black slip
  • black fabric I already had
  • pair of thrift store black pants
  • old pair of black boots
  • lots and lots of newspaper for stuffing
  • hands are made from your everyday household latex gloves from the Dollar store.  2/$1  Turned them inside out and painted them with acryllic paints, stuffed them and duck taped them to pvc pipe arms.
  • eyeballs are made from polymer clay with printed irises modpodged on.  printed irises come from The Haunting Grounds
  • just a few clumps of hair from an old wig. 
  • I paper mache’d using newspaper strips, paper towels, and cotton balls. 

LESSON LEARNED:  Paper mache is not just for kids…This was so much fun to create!   


She went from this:



to this:




What do ya think?  Isn’t she cute in a creepy sort of way?



(I think I’d better finish her up and get her outside quickly!!  The dogs are growling and barking and ready to attack her! lol…) 


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Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Dollar Tree Halloween Decorations


I finally purchased a few Halloween decorations from the dollar tree.  And when I combined them with things I already had around the house, I created these:

First up we have my hand and fingers collection.  They belonged to trick or treaters from last year.  What were they thinking trying to steal my candy!


(hand and spiders were from the dollar tree…fingers from halloween express)


Next up is hubby #3.  I told him to straighten up or I’d have to take drastic measures.  He just wouldn’t listen. (skeleton from dollar tree.  I just tore him apart and threw him in a large dollar tree vase and added some moss) 



(mice & moss from dollar tree)


A bat that was captured 50 years ago in Transylvania.  (bat from dollar tree…glowing water made using a highlighter marker.  It’s supposed to glow when lit by a blacklight.  All I had was a candle. Will try to get a blacklight this weekend and see how it works.)



black widow spider and her web also captured in Transylvania 50 years ago and preserved in the same glowing water. 



and here it is all laid out on my side table in the dining room.



Hopefully I will get a few more things made this weekend.  I am definitely wanting to try that witch that I posted about in my last post. 


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Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Halloween Decorations From Around The Web


This post will be short and sweet.  (hey…at least I’m posting something…lol)

I have been searching all over the web for ways to add a little creepiness to our house for Halloween.  After all of the searching, I thought I’d share some of my favorites:


Tuesdee from EveryDay is a Crafting Day created a cute floating ghost with cheesecloth and starch.  Not creepy at all, just plain cute!


Katie from Sew Woodsy created this Martha Stewart inspired creepy mummy head on a platter.


I am loving this crow and skull cloche created by Kathleen of Fireflies and Family


I am also loving this halloween floor model candelabra created by Sawdust and Paperscraps


Stephanie Lynn from Under the Table and Dreaming created this Martha Stewart inspired mouse motel using a faux pumpkin and rubber mice. 


Want to make something really creepy?  Try this Rockin Granny from Scarefx


And last but not least, my personal favorite is this witch made with a styrofoam wig head that has been built up by paper mache’ and a pvc pipe frame for the body:  creepy witch  If my local beauty supply store carries styrofoam wig heads, I think I will give this one a try this weekend.


So what have you done to add some creepiness to your house?  I’d love to see…

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