Wednesday, May 19, 2010



…I mean the Peonies…lol…Just wanted to share my pretty Peonies with you.  They smell sooo good!   I cut these several days ago and put them in a vase on my table.   This morning I decided to play around with them a bit.  Here’s what I did with them:

Recognize the table in the picture?  Yep…that was my “home office in progress” table that’s located in my dining room.  It just wasn’t working out as the home office area :(  

This is a picture I picked up about six or seven months ago at Goodwill.  I love this picture but I never could find the perfect place to put it.  I think it’ll work here for now.  What do you think?




  Peonies are so pretty when they are floating:








Can you smell them?


OK…that’s all I’ve got.  Now I’m off to plant some Lavender.  Catcha later!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

What’s Your Style?

What’s your interior style?  I just finished taking the Style Quiz over at the ISCD International School of Color and Design and here are my “Style Quiz” results:

Your style personality is NOSTALGIC NEST.

You’re a collector that likes to express their individuality.  Trends don’t interest you; you’re down to earth. You’ve developed your own style and stay true to yourself.  You enjoy indoor and outdoor living.  Unique souvenirs from your travels adorn your home.  You’re sentimental; you keep photo albums and happy memories around you.  You make your own treasures.

YEP!!  Sounds like me…So what’s your style?

Tuesday, May 4, 2010



I’ve been thinking about the outdoor projects that I need to get done and dreaming about those that I’d like to work on “someday”. 

On my list of “got to do’s” is fix up the front porch & fix our broken concrete walkway & steps that run from the sidewalk to the house (here’s a pic of the sad looking front porch and the walkway.  And look…a neighbor has come over for a visit):


And a couple of other things that I need to get done are:  get a new mailbox & post, add some type of lighting to the driveway side of the house, & add an outdoor spigot.


On my list of “want to do’s” is to build a patio/courtyard off of my dining room with walkways leading to the front of the house and to the back of the house.  Here are some pics of my absolute FAVORITE:

(You can go to Patio Tour from Remodeling for more information on this patio.)


I LOVE THIS!!!  This was designed by Landscape architect James Furr.   A 7-foot-high fence lines the neighbor's driveway, which I DEFINITELY NEED!  At the rear of the courtyard, latticework and a gate open to the backyard.  LOVELY!!

Here’s a close up pic of this patio.  Love the raised flower beds and the addition of the water feature:


look at all the pretty flowers:


LOVE LOVE LOVE the mortared flagstone path:

mortared flagstone 

These pics are definitely going into my “home improvement ideas” binder.  I know that our side yard could never look like as beautiful as this….but it doesn’t hurt to dream.

OK…back to the things that NEED to get done.  Catch ya later!

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