Thursday, October 30, 2008

My New Coupon Organizer

After my Kmart trip, I decided that if I'm going to do that again, I'd better get a little more organized. So I spent this morning putting together a little coupon organizer. I didn't want to have to carry a big binder for what little bit of coupons I have, so I used a small (6" x 9") binder from an old recipe book I had. It was one of those that you could write a recipe on and wipe it back off if it wasn't a recipe you liked. (kinda like a whiteboard). Problem with that was, I'd write my fav. recipes in it, and the messy cook that I am, I'd wipe off splatters and spills, and oops, there went my recipe : ( So I pulled out all the pages, cut tabbed dividers to fit, punched holes in the dividers & envelopes, labeled the envelopes, put them behind their corresponding divider, and stuffed the envelopes with my coupons. And this is what I ended up with:

It will sit in the cart like this:

Behind each divider are the envelopes labeled with what's inside/will be inside. These are behind the breakfast divider:

This is behind the canned goods divider:

And this is where my coupons for that category are stashed:

Not bad for using things I already had around the house. Now I know when I start to accumulate more coupons it probably won't work out, but for now I think it'll do. So, how do you have your coupons organized? I'd love to know...

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