Tuesday, October 28, 2008

My first "couponing" trip at K-Mart

First, I'd like to thank all of the bloggers out there that teach newbies how to coupon effectively. Especially MommySnacks I wouldn't have known where to start if it hadn't been for some of their posts. And secondly, I'd like to say that when I go couponing again, I'm going alone, and I'm wearing a headset to drown out the crowd. It was a madhouse out there tonight! Very hard to concentrate.

It didn't turn out as well as everyone else's trips, I still had to pay oop :( but over all I think I did pretty good, considering the prices were ridiculous to begin with. I planned my list, organized my coupons and got $68.50 worth of stuff for $16.66. My DH went with me and he was getting worried when the cashier rang up the $68.50. But after she scanned that last coupon, and said "your total is $16.66, he had the biggest grin come across his face. There were a few items I didn't get to get, because they were sold out. But, you win some and you lose some.

OOPS...didn't realize that was upside down. Oh well, stand on your head and read it lol...
Would I have purchased these items normally at $65 or $68? HECK NO!! Would I do it again for $16.66. YES!! So, I guess I can end this by saying:
Mission Accomplished!!


Andrea @ Mommy Snacks said...

Mary, you did great! Kmart is overpriced, isnt' it?

The fact that you were able to find something worth getting and get a good deal there with those double coupons is a feat in itself! Great work :-)

Nancy said...

Mary, I love coupons...but I have never had that good of luck...how did you do that. explain if you will. Is it something just at K-mart or what? Nancy
Oh, I almost forgot...I came by here to say thank you for following my blog and got sidetracked...LOL

mary said...

Andrea..thanks for stopping by. And thanks again for all your help.

Nancy: Thanks also for stopping by. I really enjoy reading your blog and I'm glad I got you sidetracked lol. My Kmart had double coupons up to $2.00 this week, meaning if your coupon was for $2 you'd get $4 off. Here's a few of my "great" deals; windex spray & wipes were $2.50 each I had 3 coupons for $1.25 off each they doubled to $2.50 off on each = 3 FREE windex's for me :). That's how I got all of the cleaner's for free and nearly free. (except the dishwasher detergent, I just needed a bottle of that.) Andrea, at mommy snacks has great couponing advice. You should go and check it out.

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