Monday, October 20, 2008

Looking back on our Thrifty/DIY wedding

After celebrating our anniversary last week, I pulled out the photo album to look through our pictures. We didn't have a big, fancy wedding. It was in a small country church surrounded by family, a few friends, and a lot of good food lol. Our reception was in the basement of the church, and the whole shebang was DIY. Oh, how I remember trying to get everything made on time. TALK ABOUT STRESS!! (But I wouldn't go back and change any of it.) I wasn't working at the time due to an injury, so I had a very, very small budget to work with. Like a dollar store/thrift store budget. But, I think everything turned out pretty good. Everyone had a good time, good memories were made and 2 families were brought together as one. Anywho, I just wanted to share some of the DIY things from our wedding. I promise I won't show you ALL of them. lol. I'll start with the unity candle at the top of this post. The pillar candle and holder, and the two taper candles were bought at a Dollar Tree. The flowers were from walmart, and some that I already had around the house. The taper candle holders were things I already owned as well.

I purchased this little dress at my favorite local thrift store for $1.00!! It fit my flower girl perfectly. I also picked up that little basket there. I filled it with some of the flowers I bought at walmart. The picture doesn't show the color of the dress very well, but it was a deep purple velvet type material with lighter purple roses around the waist.
Oh, what's this? Not long before the wedding, I had two more little girls wanting to be flower girls also. They wanted a basket of flowers too!! So I quickly threw together two more baskets. Their mother had their dresses already. How lucky was I to have 3 little flower girls!!

Next, is my bouquet. Put it together myself. Tacky to some I'm sure, but I thought it was pretty. Also from the same walmart flowers. Here's a shot of the cake table and a closeup of the cakes I made. When my DH and I saw that cake topper, we knew we had to have it on our cake.

Like my "cake stands"? They were made using a microwave turntable on a small candleholder for the largest cake, the med. size cake is on a glass plate sitting on top of a turned over crystal wine goblet, and the small cake is on a glass saucer on top of a turned over crystal compote, (I think that's what they're called) . Hey, don't served the Well, didn't mean to bombard ya with a lot of pictures, (sure I did!!) but while I was looking through our photos, I thought what the heck, someone out there in blogland might enjoy seeing them. Thanks for looking, and come back again.

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