Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Good Morning Sunshine!


I’m so glad to see you!  And thank you for the beautiful performance you put on for me today!  There’s nothing any better than sharing my morning coffee with you.


How can something as simple as putting cheap snowflakes in the window be so breathtaking?


This morning’s “show” was beautiful!  I had snowflake shadows on my cabinets and walls.  I had sparkly snowflakes in the windows.  White sparkles…red sparkles…copper sparkles…. oh, it was so pretty. 

I tried to capture just how beautiful they were so I could share it with you, but my photography skills suck.  This is as good as I could get, so please enjoy:

(oh…pardon the dust on the light fixture, the maid quit…lol)


Do you see that big white glob outside the right window?   I think my car is under there.




Here’s a shot of my “snowflake curtains”:



Catch ya later! 

Oh… I almost forgot… for those of you requesting a tutorial for the wire angels, I’m working on it  : )

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