Thursday, December 16, 2010

Christmas In The Country

Come on in!  Grab yourself a cup of coffee or hot chocolate and I’ll show you around! 

First up we have the kitchen.  The kitchen is still in the remodel stage.   But that didn’t stop me from decorating for Christmas.  As soon as you walk in our back door, this is what you’ll see straight ahead:
I made it myself.  Isn’t it pretty?  This is the first wreath I’ve ever decorated that I am truly happy with.  I wanted soo badly to hang it on the door, but we live in an old fixer-upper and the doors and/or frames swell up and it’s hard enough to get them shut ‘without’ anything hanging from them.  So… I hung it at the end of my kitchen cabinets.  Maybe by next Christmas, we’ll have the kitchen completely finished and I can hang it from the door.

Now if you’ll look to your left, you’ll see my pretty “snowflake swag curtains”.   Just because our windows haven’t been framed out yet doesn’t mean I can’t have some curtains, right?:
Just look at that morning sun shining in:

Now, let’s walk around and look at the kitchen countertops.  This is on the left hand side of the stove:
(OOH!  A Christmas cookies cookbook.  Chock full of delicious goodies.  My son and I are making some tonight.  You’re more than welcome to stay and have some.)  Sorry,…I have ADD…let’s get back to the left hand side of the stove:
And this is the right hand side:
My mom gave me the little salt/pepper/sugar/creamer set.  The creamer (on the right) is missing it’s head I think but I think this is the cutest little set.  And who couldn’t love a snowman…even if he is headless. 

Ok, let’s grab that cup of hot chocolate and head on into the dining room:
I love how my little tree turned out.  I’m also lovin’ those cute little fuzzy snowflakes from the Dollar Tree. 

more snowmen…it must be the kid in me:
This little fella has sure been working hard decorating our trees:
with the help of his beautiful assistant of course:
And who can trim a tree without some beautiful Christmas music:
The table is full of mail, book bags, craft projects etc.  So I won’t embarrass myself by showing you that.

But you’re more than welcome to join me in the living room (aka “The man cave”).

This is our “family tree”.  The majority of the ornaments on this tree is either handmade or has special meaning to us.  This tree as hubby puts it : “has to sit in front of hubby’s recliner for his viewing pleasure”…lol:
He likes “LOTS” of color…I like browns, golds, creams, and white.  We just combined them all:


We found these beautiful mother of pearl deer ornaments at the Goodwill for $2 for the set back in the summer.  They originally came from Home Goods and were priced at $7.99.  We are using these as “our ornament for 2010”.  
(the little bear couple swinging on the crescent moon in the right hand corner was “our ornament” from 2005.)

Well, that’s the end for now.   I hope you enjoyed the tour.  Thanks for stopping by!

Go here for Part 2: The rest of the dining room

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Linda@Coastal Charm said...

Your home looks sooooo the star ornament and those snowflakes in the window. Merry Christmas to you and your family.


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