Wednesday, November 17, 2010

How do you display the Christmas Cards that you receive?

Phew!  I finally got a day off from work.  This has been a very looong week. 

With what little time I had left before bed, I used to search the net for different ways to display Christmas cards.  Every year, we do the same thing.  We’ll drape the doorway with garland and hang the cards from the garland.  This year, I want something different.  Well, my search didn’t find me much, but I did think that this idea was cute:


Source:  Country Living Magazine


How do you display your Christmas cards? 


And you know how it goes when you’re searching the net for something in particular.  You’ll come up on something else that you’ll add to your project list. (or is it just me and my ADHD?)   Like this:



Source:  Country Living Magazine


And this:


Source:  Real Simple  (Now wouldn’t that pine cone tree look pretty painted white like this wreath with some glittery “snow” sprinkled on it?)


So, now, not only am I looking for ways to display my cards, but I also need to find a million pine cones. 


And I’ve also been digging through the kids’ baby pictures because I’ve been wanting to try and make something similar to these:


Source:  Pottery Barn



OK…back to the original topic…How do you display all of those Christmas cards that you receive?  I would love to see some clever ideas! 


Bev said...

My heart skipped a beat when I saw that pine cone tree. I think that project would complete me in ways that the other 99,999 unfinished projects in my sewing room would not.

My mission this week will be to get the supplies and make this. Really, Thanksgiving dinner is overrated; making this tree is more important than planning that silly dinner.

Thanks for the idea!

Mary said...

Thanks for stopping by Bev! I'll still be doing the Thanksgiving dinner. I love having my family together. I just hope I don't get any pine cones or sawdust (from another project that I'm in the middle of) in the

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