Thursday, November 4, 2010

An Amazing Before and After


Well, an amazing “cleaning” before and after…lol… 

Just wanted to take a little break to share this with you:

Today my mom asked me if I’d be interested in a tea server set? (I guess that’s what you call it) that a friend had just given her.  She said she just didn’t have anywhere to put it and thought I might would like to have it to set out in my dining room.  Normally, I’d tell her no, because I just have too much stuff laying around as it is, but something told me to say yes this time.  I told her to bring it on down and I’d check it out.   Even as tarnished as it was, I thought it was very pretty.  After reading the partial sticker on the bottom that said “Solid Bra”  I kind of figured it meant solid brass…lol.  So after searching the internet to find out how to clean brass, I tried 3 things:  Worcestershire sauce, tobasco sauce, and ketchup.  Out of the 3, the Worcestershire sauce worked the best. 


This picture shows best how tarnished all of the pieces were:









And even though I’m not finished yet, I wanted to show you some afters:




I doubt that it’s an antique or anything, but Isn’t it pretty?  Look at that design on there!  I can’t wait to get it all finished!  Ok, break is over…must get off of here and finish up.

Catch ya later!


Thoughtfully blended hearts said...

Amazing!!! It is beautiful!!!

Mary said...

Thanks for stopping by! It's so hard to believe that one of my favorite cooking sauces took all of that tarnish off.

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