Thursday, November 18, 2010

Brrr…It’s Too Cold To Craft!


Well, I didn’t get any crafting done yesterday.  I went upstairs to my craft room to work on a few things and it was 48 degrees up there!  No thank you!  It’s officially time to shut the upstairs off for the winter.  (Don’t you just love old houses with no heating?)

So what’s a girl to do?

Give up crafting for the winter?  I think not!  Spend thousands of dollars for a new heating system?  Not in the budget this year. 

I turned my dining room into a temporary craft room.  Gotta love those baker’s racks!  So now when you eat at my table, you’ll have to look at my glue sticks…lol… 

Wanna see?






I went through and labeled everything so I could find things a little easier:







And here I got a little “label happy”:


OOPS!  I smeared the dry erase marker  :)

While this isn’t everything from the craft room, it is enough to keep me going.  (and if I need anything else I’ll send the young un’ upstairs to get it for me…lol)


Ahhh!  Now I’m downstairs where the wood stove is burning.  Nice and toasty…Much better!

Just goes to show that where there’s a will…there’s a way!  Now I must get back to my crafting…catch ya later!

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