Thursday, December 31, 2009


A while back I posted that I was trying to set up a home office on a thrift store budget. If you missed it, you can read about it HERE.

In PART 2 I mentioned that I had thought about using my Grandmother’s table.

Now it’s time for Part 3. Other than the $4 picture frame I mentioned in Part 2, I’m using things that I already have. This is what I’ve come up with so far:

myfavlittleboxThis is one of my favorite boxes. It’s just a simple little fabric covered box. It probably came from the Dollar store or something. But I love it!! I’ve had this for over 6 years. Up until today, it just held miscellaneous items like nails, screws, batteries etc. Now it holds my paperclips, push pins, and staples.

my fav.littlevase Next up is my pen/marker holder. I’m not sure if you can see it in the picture, but it is green. This was a “buried treasure”. No…really…it WAS buried in the ground. Where I used to live, previous owners from way back would take their garbage over the hill and dump it. My ex-husband’s step dad and I dug up all kinds of goodies from old coke bottles to old brown glass clorox bleach bottles. While digging up one of the old glass bleach bottles, I saw the ruffled edge of this little vase sticking up, so I carefully loosened up the dirt all the way around her. Would you believe there is not one scratch on this cutie. I’m not sure how old she is, but I’ve been packing her around for at least 10 years.

closeupofcalendar Here is the calendar I mentioned in Part 2

mailsortingbasketsand the “mail sorting” baskets. I’ve been using these since the first of November, and it has really been a big help in getting rid of the paper clutter.

basket1 the “to pay” basket holds bills to pay and things that need to be responded to.

basket2 the “to file” is pretty self explanatory. I file these on Saturdays.

basket3 The “to use” basket holds my grocery store ads, restaurant coupons, and any coupons that I get in the mail or off of food packaging that needs to be put in my coupon binder.

homeoffice Here’s a shot of what it looks like right now. Like my “fresh flowers"? …lol… I stole my DH’s night stand to hold extra office type supplies. Paper, extra pens & pencils, stapler, hole punch, folders, etc…but I’m thinking that this won’t stay. It’ll work for now.

homeoffice1(please excuse the big box of newspapers in the background. I couldn’t move it…it weighs a ton) This chair is also a temporary fix. So now all I have left to get is lighting, (I’m thinking of some type of swag light) a chair, (something not so bulky looking but comfortable) and a place to hold my coupon binders, menu planning binder, warranty/manuals binder and all of my other sanity savers. I have an idea of what I could use for this but I’m not sure if It would work. We’ll see. (Maybe I can sweet talk DH into taking me to the Goodwill this weekend if the weather’s not too bad.)

So, what do ya think so far? What would you change or do differently? Stay tuned for Part 4…

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