Sunday, November 1, 2009

“The Home Office Journey”…part 2


If you’ll remember a couple of posts back, I was working on setting up/organizing our home office area.  Go here if you’re not sure what the heck I’m talking about.  The calendar is finished &  the incoming mail “sorting” baskets are up.  So now I need a desk, a chair, good lighting, a place to store my binders, & a filing cabinet or file box for those important papers that need to be kept. 

I’ll start with the desk.  I’ve had this piece of furniture for a while now that I just keep moving from room to room.  It’s old and worn out,  but it was my Grandmother’s and I’m just not ready to part with it.  It’s an old dining room table (I think).  Yep…you heard right…a dining room table.  But it’s not just any kind of table.  ( and no, I still don’t have a camera :( …these are pictures from moving day about 4 years ago.) 

Here, I’ll show ya:

Meet my new desk:


It’s not a very big dining room table is it?  Wanna see more?


That’s what it looks like underneath.  I have asked others  for years and years what that crank underneath was for.  No one knew.  I’ve even tried turning it but nothing.  But one day while we were in the process of moving to this house,  I found out:


I must have broken the years of stain and sealer loose…lol…because that baby just opened up.    See how far that baby stretches?  6 feet!! 


So what do ya think?  Do you think it would make a nice desk? 

Stay tuned for more!!

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