Sunday, December 13, 2009



…did ya miss me? 

And this time I’m armed with a camera.  OH YEAH!!! 

So I thought I would bombard you with a bunch of pictures. 

I’m not sure why but I can’t seem to get into decorating for the holidays this year.   I did manage to get a couple of things put up the day after Thanksgiving. 

I’ll start with our “Charlie Brown” tree.  Did you notice the angel on top?  Oh…that’s right…there is no angel because it broke  :(    (note to self:  hit the stores the day after Christmas to get a new angel)



And then there is the display on top of our entertainment center.  It was made from various items.  

The cute little houses were hot glued to an old grapevine wreath that had seen better days.  So I picked the houses off and tossed the wreath. 

The snowman was in a floral arrangement from last year.  Isn’t he cute!! 

The white angel was given to me several Christmas’ ago by my youngest son and the angel with the instrument was given to me by a dear friend about 6 or 7 Christmas’ ago.  It kind of looks like the angels are watching over the “little town”. 

The lighting is from those cheap plastic plug in candles.  

Ok..enough rambling…Here’s the center of the display:tvscape

The next picture looks over to the left of the snowman.  There’s the candles I was telling you about.  There is one set on the left and another set on the right:


Same side, just included the angel in this shot: 


Here’s a close up of the white angel:


This view is on the right hand side Notice the other angel:


Here’s a close up of her:


Nothing fancy, just making do with what I have on hand.   But it is really pretty at night when the lights are out and the candles are plugged in.  


And here’s one of my favorites.  Another gift from my youngest son.  These are the Christmas bears from Avon several years back.  It’s a mama bear and a baby bearand they are interactive.  They sing a Christmas song together and the mama bear tells the baby bear a bedtime story (Twas the night before Christmas).  They’re really cute.  Here they are:


How do you decorate for Christmas?  I’d love to see!!

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