Thursday, January 28, 2010

Rebuilding My Stockpile…

One sale at a time….

It’s been a while since I’ve done any “big” shopping trips.  I think I am getting a little rusty…lol…

We’ve basically been living off of our stockpile since the beginning of December and just buying a few things here and there as needed. 

As you may already know, Kroger is having their Mega Sale again, which is usually a good time to stock up on a few things. 

I was really wanting to get the Electrasol dish tabs and the Hormel Chili, but someone wiped the shelves clean!  Hopefully there will be some more Saturday.  Overall, it was still a pretty good trip.

Non-Mega deal items:

2 loaves Arnold’s bread $0.99 each

1 dozen eggs $1.19

3  lbs. ground Turkey $2.79 (MGR’s Special)

6.2 lbs. ground beef $9.21

9 Old El Paso Rice Sides $1.25

3 J & J Buddies Bars $0.99 each

toilet paper $0.88

Mega-Deal Items:  I messed this one up.  I forgot to write the Pepsi’s and the Franks Hot Sauce on the paper where I was keeping track of the # of mega items so I ended up with 88 items instead of the 80 I had figured :(  Oh well, Still not too bad.

Prices listed are after coupons & the buy 10/get $5 back

1 pkg Johnsonville Brats $1.99

6 Chex Mix $0.50 each

3 2ltrs of Pepsi $0.79 each

4 Propel Waters $0.24 each

1 Sargento Cheese $0.50

4 Kraft Shredded Cheese $1 each (see kraft note below)

4 Kraft block cheese $1 each (see kraft note below)

6 I Can’t Believe It’s Not Butter spreads FREE

5 Frank’s Hot Sauce $0.19

1 French’s regular mustard $0.19

5 French’s Honey Mustard’s & Dip $0.19 each

21 Hunt’s diced tomatoes  $0.24 each

2 velveeta cheese blocks   $2.79 each (see Kraft note below)

10 Chi-Chi’s Salsa $0.50 each (going back Saturday to get the other 10.  That might last a month here…lol…)

7 Rotel tomatoes Free

4 velveeta Shells & Cheese dinners  $0.50 each

4 Ritz crackers $0.89 each


Total # of items:  106  Total OOP:  $70.55

Total Savings $154.74 

plus I received $3 off my next purchase of chicken or beef  :) and I should qualify for this:

************* KRAFT CHEESE REWARDS *****************


Did you hit the Mega Sale at Kroger?  How did you do?

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