Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sharing some of my stockpile pics:


As I have mentioned before, I have only been couponing since October of 2008.  I have not really been stockpiling all that long.  But what little bit of time I have been doing it, this is what I’ve stockpiled.   First is the bookcase/what-not stand or whatever it is that  I have in my dining room.  It is not very big, It measures in at 5 ft tall 23 inches wide and has a depth of only 12 inches.  I’m throwing these measurements at you to show you that you don’t need an extra room or a basement to take advantage of stockpiling.  On the first shelf there are 10 jars of salsa and 7 bottles of syrup.  The second shelf holds 10 jars of mustard, 9 bottles of bbq sauce, 2 bottles of worcestershire sauce, and 3 bottles of Lawry’s marinade.

stockpile 001

The third shelf holds 13 jars of peanut butter, 3 boxes of oats, and 9 bottles of A1 steak sauce.  The fourth shelf contains 4 jars Ragu pasta sauce, 9 bottles of Ranch dressing, and 11 bottles of misc. dressing.stockpile 002

And I don’t think you can see them all, but the last shelf holds 17 more jars of Ragu.

stockpile 003

Here are some more pictures.  This is my coffee stash.  This is 9 1/2  big cans that I store in a cabinet under my coffee pot.

stockpile 004

This is in the bottom of another kitchen cabinet.  This contains all of my ketchup, miracle whip, and DH’s and DS’s hot sauce and buffalo wing sauce.

stockpile 005

This is 9 boxes of my cereal stash.  I have 4 more on the bottom shelf in this small closet in the kitchen.  I gave away 10 or so boxes last night.  I won’t be buying any more cereal!!  When we didn’t have cereal the kids were always complaining that they never get to eat cereal.  Since I’ve started couponing, we stocked up PLENTY, they would open a box, get out a bowl & then they’re done with it!!  So, I gave away all the boxes “they wanted” .   

stockpile 006

This is part of my cleaning supplies.  There are 10 bottles of pourable Lysol,  6 bottles toilet bowl cleaner, 3 containers of clorox & Lysol wipes.  These are all under my bathroom sink.  Again, this is a small space, but it will hold quite a bit.stockpile 013

This is 2 shelves that holds my laundry supplies that I’m currently using, and the rest of my cleaning products stockpile.  It’s a mess right now but it holds 2 furniture polishes, 12 Lysol spray cleaners, 5 air sanitizers/fresheners 4 boxes of Kleenex, 3 bottles of Spray & Wash, and 4 boxes of Bounce dryer sheets. 

stockpile 011

I am fortunate to have a pretty good size bathroom closet, but there is only one shelf in it right now.  Eventually, DH is going to add more shelves so I can put all of my cleaning supplies/laundry supplies in there as well.  Right now, this is what I have in there:  I have 2 “wall pocket planters” (I think that’s what they’re called.  They hold 18 packs of razors (all free) and toothbrushes,(all free) the metal basket holds 11 cans of his/hers shaving cream, ($0.19 each) there’s 6  bottles of body wash, (2 of them were $1 each, and the rest was less than a $1 or free) 3 of the John Frieda shampoos,

stockpile 014

on the right hand side I have the bar soaps, ($0.35 a pack) misc. hair care products, 7 bottles of shampoo (all $1 or less) and feminine products.  This side is looking kind of scarce right now. 

stockpile 015

Here’s my toilet paper stash 12 packs cottonelle, $0.25 each and 10 (6 double roll packs) of Northern @ $0.50 each 

stockpile 017

stockpile 016

This is the his/hers deodorant stash 27 in all (all free except for the Old Spice DH’s favorite, and it was dirt cheap!

stockpile 021

And this is what’s left of the toothpaste stash. (also all free) There are 12 tubes in this box.   I have given away oodles of free toothpaste and deodorant

stockpile 022

This is my puny looking laundry detergent stash.  I have this in a tote that I slide under my utility sink in the laundry room. 

stockpile 023

So you see, you don’t need a bunch of money or a whole room or a basement to start stockpiling.  Find various unused or underused areas throughout your house/apt. where you could stash a little here and there. 

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