Monday, January 5, 2009


OK…You know how much you can spend on groceries this week, you’ve cleared out some areas of your home to use for stockpiling, you know your store’s coupon policy and your coupons are somewhat organized…so let’s get shopping!! Let’s pretend that you set your grocery budget at $100/week. Can you use a small amount of that to put towards building your stockpile? Great!! Even $10 a week can create a heck of a stockpile over time. Let’s say your family uses ALOT of spaghetti sauce and you’re always buying at least 2 jars a week. That’s 8 jars a month. You have been paying $1.85 per jar. This week, your store has a great sale price of $1.25/jar. Because you currently purchase 2 jars each week and have been paying $1.85/jar, purchasing several of these now while they’re on sale would be saving you $0.60 a jar or $1.20 a week. BUT to make this deal even sweeter, you have 10 coupons for $0.50 off 1 jar. (this is where multiple coupons come in handy) Your store doubles coupons up to $0.50 so that would make that coupon $1 off that item. Since this is something you normally purchase often at $1.85/jar, this would make an excellent “stockpile” purchase. Go ahead and use your coupons to get all 10. You just paid $2.50 for 10 jars of spaghetti sauce that would have cost you $18.50 over the next 5 weeks!! Congratulations… you just saved $16 and you have just started your stockpile. And you still have $7.50 of your “stockpile” budget for other items!! Now, let’s pretend toothpaste is on sale for $1 (which happens all the time). You also have a coupon for $0.50 off of that brand. Again, if your store doubles, that’s $1.00 off which makes that FREE! But wait…you have 10 coupons for that toothpaste. So there you go, you’ve just stocked up on toothpaste and spaghetti sauce. And you still have $7.50 of your stockpile budget left. If you don’t see anything else that is a great buy with your coupons, hold on to that remaining $7.50 and add it to next week’s stockpiling budget. Do you get the picture? Just watch your sale ads & match them with your coupons and purchase multiples of the things that you use at a rock bottom price. Before long, you will have your own little stockpile built up & you’ll start noticing that when you go on your weekly grocery trip, that there’s not much that you need anymore, because you can start shopping from your own “little grocery store” . But be careful when shopping because if you’re picking up something that you know you or your family won’t use or like, then you’re just wasting your money and that would be defeating the purpose of couponing. So, get those coupons, watch those ads, and start saving your hard earned dollars!!

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